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Acorn lore. Acorns are a symbol of security and abundance. Hang these in your window to bring prosperity and luck. Read more on the card for other things across do.

These Acorns are ones we have sourced from the same places we get the stones and driftwood for our products. We include a copy of the Acorn lore when we sell our product.

Each piece comes with a double acorn attached with wire so that it can be hung in a window or even a Christmas Tree. It is in a box with a gift bag so it can make the perfect gift to give to some one that is hard to shop for.

**************ALL PRICES INCLUDE THE COST OF SHIPPING!!!******************

Your item will be processed and shipped shortly after you have purchased it. I always send a message confirming your order, and estimating when it will shipped by.

Please refer to my shops policies for further information.

Each Wirezzz Design is as unique as the person purchasing it. Your item is made by me personally. If there is a concern I can send you a picture of your piece before shipment... but this will slow down the processing time for your order.

There is special pricing for multiplies. So if interested please contact me with a custom quote.

All my stuff ships USPS. If you need it to be shipped with a different carrier please send me a message and let me know. Shipping will be adjusted accordingly for this.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review